Remedico Reviews

Every day we are overwhelmed by the response from our customers. Here's a sample of what they've had to say.

P.S. just so you know, we've never paid anyone for a review. It's all straight from the heart 🙂

Sneha Gajendra


With my constant travel and exposure to pollution, I recently started experiencing acne and hairfall, and that's when I decided to try Remedico. They asked for a couple of pictures, and a few questions related to allergies and stuff. That's it! I got my full treatment analysis and it's so accurate. I'm thoroughly impressed with this service!

Vinay 17

I'm wondering how you people can give such effective treatment at a very low cost. I'm really impressed, many of my friends have told me my acne is reducing ☺😇 I will be recommending your treatment to my friends who are suffering acne 😉 Great job! This is even better than my local dermatologist. I had spent a lot money with them and still didn't get results, but after trying Remedico my acne has gone away. Love you team Remedico!

Shyambhavi Gulati


I've been facing a problem of dark circles and pigmentation since my teenage years, but never got a solution for it. However, I recently discovered Remedico's page on Instagram. I just had to fill a 5 minute questionnaire, take some selfies, and got a detailed reply from the dermatologist who explained all about my eye bags, advice on how to reduce them, and the medications to use. Trust me, you'll have an amazing experience with them!

Vedika Singh 27

I’m so excited to share this with everyone! I have struggled with acne for years, but after following your doctor’s advice I’ve immediately noticed a difference in my skin. My acne disappeared and my skin is glowing like I have never experienced before 😍😍😍 Thank you so much!

Aleena Mackar


I loved the whole experience ... all I needed to do is fill out a form and send in pictures, and within a day I got a prescription from the doctor. Over a few months, my skin has completely settled down. This whole idea - being able to do this without any effort, without having to stress about going to a doctor, taking an appointment, managing time out of work - this needed to be done! I'm so happy to have a skin specialist a ping away, it's been a blessing!

Rahul Goyal 26

I had come to Remedico 2 months before my engagement, with very bad acne. I was very stressed, but luckily Dr Abhishek patiently helped me get better. It took some time, but they supported me in the process and told me that it was normal. After a few weeks my skin got completely cleared. Thank you so much Dr Abhishek and Remedico 🙂

Aakriti Anand Singh


With my busy schedule, I had no time to visit a doctor, while my hair fall was getting more severe. It was then that I found out about Remedico. I only had to fill in a questionnaire, which took just 5 minutes, and within 24 hours I had my treatment plan! Having started the treatment, my hair is getting better, day by day. If you are facing any skin or hair issue, please check out Remedico right now, and be your best beautiful!

Khushbu 20

I have consulted many other dermatologists in the past, and whatever advice they gave about taking care of skin and what medicines to take, they were not that effective. The great thing about Remedico is that I was given proper medicines based on my skin. When I was regular with my treatment, it was very effective. I'm so glad that I trusted you guys!

Parth Dhankar


So of late I’ve been having heaps of hairfall. I heard about Remedico. The best part, I didn’t need to go anywhere! I started their treatment, and so far it works great. Come on go now and contact them if you have any skin/hair problem! Folks IT TRULY WORKS

Neha 28

I've always been hesitant to visit a dermatologist because of a fear of unnecessary medicines and procedures. Remedico came to my rescue at the right time. The form asks all the right questions and is surprisingly easy to fill. I got a full analysis of a suspicious mole within a day. Definitely recommend and intend to use the hair treatment plan as soon as possible!

Sonal Arora


We are working women, and it gets quite tiring already to visit a dermatologist and we also neglect the major part of ourselves, our skin and hair. Through Remedico, expert doctors will recommend you the best treatment possible, by treating the root cause of the issue. I am extremely happy with the service!

Mayank 31

A very efficient and quick process. Way faster (and cheaper!) than visiting a doctor's clinic

Kasturi 22

My acne was cleared within just 2 weeks of treatment. You guys are amazing!



My hair loss and thinning has got me worried for a really long time now. And yet, between bringing up kids, taking care of the house and taking care of financial responsibilities, a trip to the dermatologist never happened. When the friendly guys at Remedico told me about their services, I felt it was a Godsend. The clinic visits that were never happening finally took place sitting at home! The detailed treatment plan they tailor-made for me according to my specific condition, history and requirements was very impressive. I am really thankful to Remedico for giving me the much needed push in taking care of my hair!

Insha Ghaii


What if I told you that you could consult a doctor without leaving the comfort of your seat? I recently tried Remedico, and they only asked for a couple of pictures of the problem areas, and a few questions. After that, I got a super detailed, yet easy to follow prescription from the doctor. If you're in need of a dermatologist then I would highly recommend Remedico.

Himanshu 27

Took only a few minutes to fill up the form and got a very detailed analysis from a specialist with various treatment plans tailored to my needs. Thanks for the wonderful services

Dhruvi Shah


I tried the traditional approach to my skin problems. It meant asking around for a trusted dermatologist, getting an appointment for weeks later, commuting long distances within the city, and then waiting for my turn at the clinic. And it wasn’t a one time solution either. Until I was introduced to Remedico. It was so simple, and the consultation fee was minimal! And after a thorough evaluation from professionals, I received a detailed treatment plan. ’ve been following the treatment and the results are as promised. In all honesty, I’d recommend Remedico to everyone.

Shrinkhala 30

The services provided by the Remedica team are prompt and great. A simple questionnaire makes it a time saving way to get the treatment. Wishing the team all the very best!

Karishma 28

I love this new concept of Remedico. I consulted them for my pigmentation and dark circles, and I have got great results so far – I can see a big change in my skin!

Charu Tyagi


I recently had a wonderful experience with Remedico. The process was really smooth, and the biggest advantage is all this at the click of a button, no need of doctor appointments, waiting and sitting in clinics. I got my treatment plan at the comfort of my home. So give Remedico a try at least once for your skin and hair problems.

Mohammed Shakeeb 20

I got an excellent response from your side, and had a great experience. The prescription was perfect - I can't believe that my acne got completely cured 🙂

Yash 25

The treatment is great. The best part is you don't need to remove time to go to a doctor and get advice. Treatment is to the point and explained perfectly for each product they advise you to use. Quality of my hair has improved greatly, and hairfall has reduced.