Remedico Skin growths
Skin growths

What are skin growths?

Sometimes unexpected growths can appear on your skin. If you see a growth that you haven't always had, it is better to get it checked.

The most common types of growths are skin tags and warts. Skin tags are not just bad looking, they can also grow bigger and may get infected or twisted. In many cases they may indicate insulin resistance, a condition that should be controlled. Warts, on the other hand are viral and must be removed to prevent progression to more warts on the same person. and on close contacts.

Rarely, a skin growth may be a sign of skin cancer. Therefore, it's always important to get new growths checked.

How can Remedico help?

A dermatologist through Remedico will usually be able to identify what the growth is. This is very important, especially to rule out a serious underlying condition.

It will usually be removable. It's always easier to remove these when they are smaller, so the sooner you get a growth checked out, the better.

Our dermatologists at Remedico will provide you a treatment plan with the following:


Diagnosis & medical advice

Diagnosis of your medical condition(s), and potential causes


Removal options

Options and recommendations for how to remove the growth, if required


Tests & reports

Blood and other tests, if necessary for further investigation

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