Remedico Rash, Eczema & Psoriasis
Rash, eczema
& psoriasis

What is a rash?

Rash is a broad term for a variety of skin lesions. They usually come on suddenly, are itchy or painful, and are usually red. It is usually accompanied by fever if it is a viral rash.

There can be many causes of rash, including infections, allergies, and drugs. Sometimes a condition like eczema or psoriasis will present as rash.

How can Remedico help?

A skin rash is your body's way of telling you that something is not quite right with it. Don't ignore it.

A dermatologist through Remedico will provide you a treatment plan with the following:


Diagnosis & medical advice

Diagnosis of your medical condition(s), and potential causes


Topical applications

Including creams, lotions, moisturisers, and other products


Oral medication

If required, oral tablets to treat the underlying condition, and improve your symptoms


Hygiene advice

Face washes, shampoos, and instructions on when and how to wash your face and body


Diet & lifestyle advice

Nutritional advice on foods to eat and avoid, as well as lifestyle habits to promote healthy skin


Tests & reports

Blood and other tests, if necessary for further investigation

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