Remedico Pigmentation
Pigmentation &
dark circles

What is pigmentation?

A change from your regular skin colour to a lighter (hypo-) or darker (hyper-) tone than usual is called pigmentation. While it can sometimes be cosmetically unappealing, when pigmentation is followed by trauma to the skin, it can leave behind further marks.

Exposure to sunlight is one of the major causes. However, pigmentation in areas like the neck, underarms, and other skin folds may point to a hormonal cause.

How can Remedico help?

Knowing the cause of your pigmentation or dark circles is important, especially to rule out hormonal conditions. A dermatologist through Remedico will be able to advise you about the reasons for your pigmentation, as well as how to reduce and prevent it.

They will provide you a treatment plan with the following:


Diagnosis & medical advice

Diagnosis of your medical condition(s), and potential causes


Topical applications

Including creams, lotions, moisturisers, and other products


Oral medication

If required, oral tablets to treat the underlying condition, and improve your symptoms


Vitamins & supplements

Depending on your condition, supplements to help promote skin health and improve appearance


Hygiene advice

Face washes, shampoos, and instructions on when and how to wash your face and body


Diet & lifestyle advice

Nutritional advice on foods to eat and avoid, as well as lifestyle habits to promote healthy skin



Procedures for improving skin appearance and health, if they think you will benefit


Tests & reports

Blood and other tests, if necessary for further investigation

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