Frequently Asked Questions

Having an appointment with a dermatologist can often be time consuming, expensive and challenging. At Remedico, our mission is to make it as easy as possible to get the best possible advice from the top skin & hair specialists in India, from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Our process has three simple steps:

  1. 1. Questionnaire

    We will guide you through a short questionnaire, which will ask you about your symptoms and medical history, and ask you to take some photos of your symptoms. It should take 5-7 minutes.

    At the end of this step, we will ask you to make payment. We ask for payment at this time, so that our dermatologists can begin working on your treatment plan.

  2. 2. Treatment Plan

    After analysing your skin condition and reviewing your details, our certified dermatologists will prepare a personalised treatment plan for you, which you will receive within 24 hours.

    The treatment plan will include a diagnosis of your condition, advice, and prescription of medications and other products as required.

  3. 3. Reminders & Follow Up

    After sending you your treatment plan, we will help you through the treatment process. You will get daily reminders in the morning and night so that you never skip your treatment, and regular follow-ups to check that the treatment is working.

The services we provide are purely online. The goal is to give our customers a fast and high quality service without the need to go to a clinic. Not having a clinic also allows us to provide you with the best advice at a much lower cost.

We want to revolutionize the whole experience of consulting a dermatologist. The traditional process can often be inefficient, time consuming and costly.

We have been working with several of India's top dermatologists to come up with our unique process. When you consult a dermatologist through Remedico, it is as close to an in-person visit as possible -- only quicker, easier, and less expensive. Our questionnaire is designed to provide a dermatologist with everything they need to give you the right advice, as if you were sitting in front of them.

We only work with dermatologists who we trust to provide you with the best advice. We hand-pick all our doctors based on their medical knowledge, experience with treating a range of skin and hair conditions, and above all their strong desire to make an impact on patients' lives. They are all certified postgraduates with a specialization in dermatology and are made to go through an extensive screening and verification process.

When you receive your treatment plan, you will be able to see the consulting specialist's name, photograph and post-graduate qualification.

Our core principle is that we can make the entire consultation process more efficient and more effective, by having the patient and doctor interact with our service at different times. It is only in some cases that a visit to a doctor is necessary.

However, if you have any specific concerns that you would like addressed, you can contact our customer service team. They will do their best to help, and may involve the specialist if necessary.

We are very confident in our service. We have rigorously tested our process across many patients and doctors, and have found that we are able to provide the same quality of treatment as an in-person consultation. In many cases our advice is even more thorough, as our doctors can better understand your condition, and fully explain their advice.

Our customers and doctors love Remedico, and we are sure you will love it too.

Since we don’t have any clinics, we don’t provide any procedures. However, if our dermatologists feel that you could benefit from any procedures, they will advise so in your treatment plan.

We are very confident in the quality of service we provide, and this is reflected in our high customer satisfaction ratings. However if you are not satisfied with our service you can contact our customer care team and we will do our best to solve your problem. In case we are still not able to address your concerns, we are happy to offer you a refund under our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Once we confirm that you want a refund, we will initiate a refund within 3 working days.

Since we are an online-only service we are unable to accept cash payments. All payments can be made through credit card, debit card, net banking or paytm wallet through our online payment providers paytm.

We can guarantee that all the information provided to us is kept completely confidential and secure. Only the concerned dermatologist is able to view your information so that they can prepare your treatment plan.

Before preparing your treatment plan, our dermatologists take into account your overall health history, including current and past medications, allergies, diet, and lifestyle. They will prescribe products taking these in to consideration, as would any specialist if you visited them at a clinic.

However, if you face any such issues during or following your consultation, you can contact our customer service team who will be able to help you, with the help of our dermatologist team.

Since we are a purely online service, we can't deliver products to you. However, the products that we prescribe are commonly available, and should be stocked at your local pharmacists. However, if any product is unavailable, you can contact us and we will provide you with an alternative.